Devendra Vyas

Learning to tell stories with Data

Self Driving Car Engineer : KPIT GmbH

Working on BMW's Self-driving car project, I was part of a cross-functional team that developed a vehicle state monitor for analysing and visualising different types of sensor data

  • Language/Tools Used : C++, ROS

Research Engineer : XLIM Poitiers

Was responsible for developing the software aound a novel algorithm for Radio Wave propagation that would be utilised for planning smart-cities

  • The project was named PERSEPTEUR ( Link for more Info)
  • The module was integrated in CupCarbon Simulator
  • Language/Tools Used : Java, GNU Octave


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Self Driving Car related projects

Some basic projects that I started making when I made as a part of udacity's Self-driving Car nano-degree

Neural Translator

Created following's tutorial for understanding RNNs


I try to write as frequently as possible in both tech and non-tech(opinion) domain. These are a few of the exercepts from my blog. In case you happen to like any of these excerpts, please head to the full site to read more

Generative vs Discriminative Models

German is a rather difficult language to learn but this simple example constructed around this notion could help us understand this fundamental conept used in Machine Learning

Excerpts from my Quarantine

I was quarantined before COVID-19 made it a "thing"

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